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Please leave a product review! Please use the comment box below. Are you a client that has something they want other clients to know about your experience with our products? No matter good or bad, you can leave your product review below for everyone to see. We approve all reviews as long as there is no hate or obscene language used in the review. We strive to give our clients the best possible software and continue to improve on it everyday. We would like to keep improving our products, so we need your feed back to keep it going! Please use the comment box below to leave your honest review today.

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10 thoughts on “Product Reviews

  1. I’ve been testing the bot for days now and it’s working like a charm. It dose what it should and the response from support is fast.

    Besides, I also requested an additional feature to be added on the bot and tompots accepted my challenge. The fact is the bot comes with regular updates, which is important to me as we don’t know what happens to Instagram in the future and with the current price now, you can’t go wrong with it.

  2. Hey everyone. After a few days the bot is still working. Support has been real helpful, which suprised me. I’m not a newb-newb but I’n not that smart so I need help here and there. ANYWAY… I’m not pushing the bot to the limit, yet! I’ve gained a few hundred followers, daily, from light use. I target one hashtag at a time. It’s easy to use.

  3. Hey, I purchased this bot a month ago and opened up a support ticket with some feature requests and other stuff. For the price, I’m not complaining. This bot dose work but I haven’t micro-tested it enough to really know enough to have an informed opinion. Because the price was so low, I’m excited to give it some more tries. I’m looking forward to some feedback from the developer!

  4. Bot: Instagram mega Bot
    Reason: Unlike my previous Free & Paid bots, this bot has been the most stable and it is frequently updated (compared to Instaget, InstaFire, EXC)

  5. I agree with HydroC, I also use Instagram mega bot because it’s super smooth and has great features to give the not more “human” feel.

  6. Hello! I’ve been using their Instagram mega bot for a while on three accounts and if I would smash all three accounts together I would have over 30,000 REAL followers. And their support is outstanding.

  7. Tompots is definitely one of the few nice guys making good stuff. My operating system had big issues running bots and tompots helped me sort things out for an hour. He is the person who cares about customer a lot. Thumbs up.

    Definitely will buy his products again!

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