LAST UPDATE ON 2/10/2018 2:10 PM

This is our Soundcloud bot called the Soundcloud Mega Bot. This bot is used to help you grow your Soundcluod account to great numbers of followers to help you get your music noticed by the masses. In the above video you can see the our Soundcloud follow bot in action. This tool automatically follows other Soundcloud users based on the tags you provide the bot. This allows you to only follow users that are interested in your type of music. When you do this you will notice that they follow you back.

In the above video you can see the Soundcloud like bot in action. This bot finds other Soundcloud users tracks and likes them based on the tags you give the software. Everyone loves to have lots of likes on there tracks. This bot helps you get lots of resiprical likes by other popular artistes and regular users on the site.

This is the Soundcloud unfollow bot. This tool unfollows users that you followed so you can get more and more followers as you build your account. This becomes necessary to keep following more and more people as your accounts becomes larger and larger over time.

Here you can see the Soundcloud comment bot running, this tool allows you to comment on as many tracks for your targeted tags. This helps with your account exposure and helps you get noticed much faster on the site. All of our software comes with detailed instructions and we also offer free updates and support. If you have any questions please fell free to contact support at the top of the page at any time.

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Our software is for Windows operating systems only, we don't support any versions of Mac operating systems.

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